A very special restaurant next to main museums.

When you go to visit the most important Museums of Madrid; Prado Museum, Reina Sofia Museum or ThyssenBornemisza Museum we recommend you to plan a stop for lunch at the Bodega de los Secretos restaurant. Besides taking a break, you can complete your cultural experience in an exclusive Winery built in the 17th century where you can enjoy a gastronomy that combines tradition and the avant-garde.

Its decoration and gastronomy create a contrast that has positioned it as one of the most special restaurants in Madrid. It has been awarded with 4 consecutive certificates of excellence granted by the leading international restaurant search engine.

Dishes of traditional gastronomy are integrated with flavors that the new times brought from “other places”.

Beef, hake, octopus, monkfish, … are coming fresh and daily from the market. For clients with avant-garde tastes, the cook team, with international experience, combine ingredients, textures and flavors: Tuna tataki on white garlic, mango gelatin and green mustard, Steak tartar with wasabi trilogy, anchovy and truffle, butter fish with pack-choi or ceviche with avocado and coconut.

Desserts also go through various types of cuisine starting from the traditional Torrija to “Cheesecake”, Chocolate Couland, or the Tiramisu “Jack Sparrow”..

A guided tour

Customers often get lost in our labyrinths of galleries wanting to discover our “secrets”.

The place is so special that before leaving, clients can request a brief guided tour along the galleries to know the story and origin of the winery, discovering the religious architecture of the monks, the secret contraband tunnel, the use as refuge in the Spanish Civil War, until our days when it has become a secret restaurant that you can discover.

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